PowerShell for the Forgetful: The Tab Key

PowerShell for the Forgetful: The Tab Key

Just a quick tip.

I use the Tab key quite a bit within the PowerShell command window, particularly with the "Get" cmdlet. I was using it the other day and someone looking over my shoulder wondered what the heck I was doing, as if they had never seen the Tab key in use before. So, I thought, if this person didn't know what function the Tab key provided, maybe some of you might not, too.

Using the Tab keyboard key in an open PowerShell command window allows you to scroll through commands. Just enter a single letter, hit the Tab key on the keyboard repeatedly, and watch the magic. For value though, use the "Get" cmdlet for your first test since there's a wide assortment of options to scroll through.

Here's an example using Get-V

The Tab key is a great accompaniment for any PowerShell aficionado or wannabe. For us older folks, it means we don't have to remember as much. If we can just remember the "Get" cmdlet and the letter the command starts with, we're good to go. Plus, it's just a great way to speed up command completion.

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