PowerCinema 4.0 Provides PC-Based Home Entertainment

Are you familiar with CyberLink's home-entertainment products? The company has been in the video-on-the-PC business for years, with technologies that let you transform your home computer into a feature-rich entertainment center. Check out CyberLink's latest, PowerCinema 4.0.

The new PowerCinema package includes a TV-tuner card for receiving TV and radio programming and capturing analog video. A stylish 3D interface and remote-control operation ensure easy navigation of features, including games, DVD movies, music, pictures, and video modules. PowerCinema supports 5.1-channel home-theater systems.

New features allow CD ripping and auto photo fixing via remote control. You can also record and schedule TV and radio programs and save them on your hard disk. DVD playback is supported by technology developed for PowerDVD, delivering excellent video quality and rich audio playback.

PowerCinema 4.0 is available for $99.95 at the CyberStore. For more details, check out the CyberLink Web site.

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