The Power of Three: ScriptLogic Incident Management Solution

ScriptLogic Incident Management Solution came out Monday and addresses three areas IT pros need help with: responding to problems, managing problems, and preventing problems. It bundles tried-and-true tools Desktop Authority Remote Management Gateway and ScriptLogic BridgeTrak with newcomer Desktop Authority Password Self Service, in a solution that seems indicative of a general trend that empowers users to become part of the answer instead of being part of the problem.

ScriptLogic’s Nick Cavalancia says that analysts estimate at least 20 percent of all Help desk calls are password related, which is why Desktop Authority Password Self Service was added to the incident management solution. It lets admins define policies so users can reset their own passwords in a secure manner.

ScriptLogic, a subsidiary of Quest Software, acquired BridgeTrak’s Help desk solution, the second part of the ScriptLogic Incident Management trio. BridgeTrak helps admins track and manage problems and includes a knowledge base so users can find solutions themselves. Cavalancia says that Forrester estimates the knowledge base concept alone results in a 15 percent reduction in user calls to the Help desk.

Lastly, Desktop Authority Remote Management Gateway lets admins remotely control and manage user desktops whether users are on the corporate network, the VPN, or totally off. Users can continue working while their system is under remote management. Cavalancia says the integration of the three products is a natural fit. The cost is based on the number of admins (for the Help desk piece, a minimum of five), and the number of users (for the remote management piece). 100 users can run a little over $5600. For more information, visit

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