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The Poster Man!

Between going to Tech Ed and recovering from Tech Ed (it is New Orleans, after all) I haven’t had a chance to post recently, but I intend to catch up. You meet all kinds of interesting people hanging around the Windows IT Pro booth at Tech Ed. Paul Thurrott and I had just finished a video interview (soon to be posted at,  and we introduced Martin and I (photo by Paul) ourselves to a Microsoft guy that had come up to the booth. His name is Martin McClean, aka – at least now in my head - “The Poster Guy.”

Much to my surprise, these posters weren’t produced by a team of graphic artists toiling away in a dark Redmond basement. No, Martin is the fellow who has single-handedly produced these cool posters we IT pros just love as informative eye candy on our office walls. He did the AD Jigsaw in his spare time while working for Microsoft Services Australia as an AD and identity consultant. The posters have become so popular over the years, it’s become (at least for now) his full time job. The challenge, of course, is printing the darn things out! This is a good time to cozy up to the drafting department to see if you can get time on one of their big plotters.

If you’re a fan of these posters like I am, drop Martin a line and tell him thanks or where you have the poster up!


I managed to score one of the new Hyper-V posters from him. Dang! I just realized I should have had him autograph it!

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