Play Media on NAS on Xbox One

Play Media on NAS on Xbox One

Q: How can I play media from my NAS to my XBOX One?

A: The XBOX 360 had a System Video Player that enabled the browsing of content on a NAS and the ability to play it back. At launch time, the Xbox One doesn't have this capability but it does support DNLA. This means to play media on the Xbox One, it's necessary to leverage PlayTo functionality, which is where the media is browsed from another device and the Xbox One is selected as the target:

  1. On the Windows 8 machine, browse to the NAS device and find the media you want to play.
  2. Right-click the file and select Play To (see screen shot); in the extended menu, select the Xbox One device.
  3. The media should now play on the Xbox One.

Make sure your Xbox One is configured to enable PlayTo streaming, which is set in the Preferences area of Settings. Also, the Xbox Video and Xbox Music applications must be installed on the Xbox One before it will be shown as a PlayTo target. If your Xbox One isn't showing, then go into Devices and Printers and manually add the device as shown below.

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