Pioneer Hits the Road

Say you're driving along the freeway, and you get lost. Or you suddenly have a desperate need for some gas. Or you need cash, or a snack. Pioneer's new navigation systems can help you with all those things, in addition to entertaining you with their built-in multimedia technologies.

Pioneer’s third-generation multi-media system, the AVIC-N3, is designed for the commuter who demands products that can multitask. Redesigned on-screen menus, new graphical interface, and button placements on the face of the system make it easier to navigate. The AVIC-N3 offers step-by-step route guidance and detailed lane information that help you get to your destination quickly. It is also includes a state-of-the art audio/video entertainment system, providing tri zone capabilities to separate front- and rear-seat entertainment while simultaneously providing navigation information. All these new features make the AVIC-N3 a more commuter-friendly system. The AVIC-N3 costs $1800.

Pioneer also offers the AVIC-D2, targeted at the everyday commuter. It has the look and feel of a factory-installed navigation system but offers more advanced features, including more than 11 million points of interests and MP3 playback capability. When paired with a traffic tuner and a subscription to XM’s NavTraffic service, the AVIC-D2 provides detailed traffic information and alerts, and re-routes the driver around traffic incidents, making for a smoother commute. The AVIC-D2 costs $1500.

Both systems offer CD/MP3 playback, XM or Sirius satellite radio, and Apple iPod connectivity. The AVIC-N3 is able to play DVDs for rear passengers.

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