Performance-Tuning Tool - 09 Sep 2003

HPOur readers gave HP OpenView its fourth Readers' Choice award in the Best Systems Management Products category by voting the HP OpenView Performance Manager software Best Performance-Tuning Tool. HP OpenView Performance Manager is a graphical analysis and planning tool that lets you analyze and forecast resource usage and performance.

By presenting historical data, HP OpenView Performance Manager lets you dive deep to examine how your systems are using resources and maintaining performance over time. The HP OpenView Performance manager, agents, and monitor tools combine to provide advanced features such as a graphing function for real-time monitoring, a zoom feature for highlighting metrics for a specific period, multiple graphing options, and comprehensive report generation. A reader from Sacramento, California, praised the software for providing "the ability to easily drill down and correlate data. Also, it can easily build graphs so I can visualize my environment."

Lets you dive deep to examine your systems.

Palo Alto, California
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