A Peek into the Xbox Insider Program


In early November, the Microsoft Xbox team made a big announcement about their very popular Xbox Preview Program and changes that were going to be made to the existing program.

The two biggest changes involved a name change from Xbox Preview Program to Xbox Insider Program and that no more participants would be granted access to the part of the program that allowed them to receive early builds for the Xbox One console to test build to build updates.

As many of you will know, the only way into the old Xbox Preview Program was by way of an invite from another preview program participant that was already enrolled in the program.

By changing over to the Xbox Insider Program, Microsoft is eliminating the need for invites and opening up access to anyone on the Xbox One console. All you have to do is download the Xbox Insider Program Hub from the Windows Store on your console and get started.

The Xbox Insider Program is now focused on getting your early feedback on games, apps and other new Xbox One experiences.

You can find more information about the Xbox Insider Program at these links:

All About the Xbox Insider Program

  • What is the Xbox Insider Program?
  • What are the benefits of participating in the Xbox Insider Program?
  • Get started in the Xbox Insider Program
  • Xbox Insider Program agreement
  • The Xbox Insider Program versus the Xbox Preview Program
  • Join the Xbox One Update Preview
  • Xbox Insider Program FAQ

Xbox Insider

  • Get the Xbox Insider Hub app on Xbox One
  • Report a problem using the Xbox Insider Hub
  • All about the Xbox Insider Program
  • Xbox Insider Program Terms and Conditions

The gallery will give you a tour around the Xbox Insider Hub that gives you access to all of the program information and tasks on your Xbox One console.

Note: Just for clarity - I can no longer invite anyone to participate in the build to build previews anymore - that part of this program is no longer accepting new participants.

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