Paul’s Picks - 28 Jun 2007

Summaries of in-depth product reviews on Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

Windows Calendar

PROS: Free with Windows Vista, compatible with existing Web-based calendar standards
CONS: Consumer oriented, not centrally managed, no Microsoft Office Exchange compatibility
RECOMMENDATIONS: Although Microsoft Outlook likely meets the calendar needs of most IT pros, there's something to be said for free stuff. Vista users get a surprisingly full-featured calendar application, Windows Calendar, with their new OS. Unlike Exchange and Outlook, Windows Calendar fully adheres to the most popular Web calendaring standards, making it easy to publish and subscribe to calendars.
CONTACT: Microsoft • 800-426-9400 •

Windows Home server Beta 2

PROS: Excellent workgroup backup capabilities, document and media sharing; comes in software-only version as well as bundled with server hardware
CONS: Beta 2 version isn't widely available; no Active Directory domain support; aimed at consumers
RECOMMENDATIONS: Windows Home Server takes the concept of Small Business Server (SBS) and scales it down, dropping domain support and enterprise server capabilities and adding the kind of functionality required by typical home networks. Home Server's excellent network-wide backup and imaging capabilities make it ideal for small workgroup setups. If you have simpler needs than even SBS meets, Windows Home Server might be an excellent solution.
CONTACT: Microsoft • 800-426-9400 •

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