Password-Auditing Software - 14 Sep 2004

Manually managing passwords is becoming increasingly difficult for users as Web sites and other resources that require passwords before granting access multiply. IT departments realize that helping users safely store and easily retrieve their passwords improves the security of password-protected resources. Password-management software and password-auditing software aid users and administrators in strengthening password protection.

Symantec's Norton Password Manager was voted Best Password-Auditing Software. Designed to help users manage their passwords, Norton Password Manager stores passwords, telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and other confidential information on users' computers and automatically retrieves data for password-protected applications and Web sites. The software lets users set up multiple profiles, each with its own set of confidential information, on one computer. Profile passwords ensure that each profile owner can access only his or her own data. A password strength meter helps users define strong profile passwords.

541-335-5020 or 800-441-7234
2nd Place — @stake LC
3rd Place — NetIQ Vulnerability Manager (formerly NetIQ VigilEnt Security Manager)
TAGS: Security
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