Overland Storage Expands into Disk-Based Backup Products

Overland Storage has announced that it will offer new disk-based backup and recovery acceleration appliances. The company introduced a new family of products called the REO SERIES, which includes proprietary technology that enables disk-to-disk-to-tape transfers for disk-based backups. The first product to ship is the REO SERIES R2000 backup acceleration appliance, which works with existing backup and data recovery software to provide high-speed, network-based backup capacity and instant access to backed-up data.

   The REO SERIES uses Internet SCSI (iSCSI) and Serial ATA drives to provide high performance. With the emergence of low-cost and high-performance hard disks, the company hopes to use its expertise and experience in the tape backup market to expand into disk-based backup and recovery. The REO SERIES R2000 is available now and starts at $24,995 for 2TB of Serial ATA RAID storage.


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