Outlook Tips and Techniques - 01 Oct 1999

My remote users occasionally get errors when they synchronize an offline folders (.ost) file. What do the various error codes mean?

Sooner or later, users who access Exchange Server remotely are likely to encounter a synchronization error. Outlook posts the error codes and accompanying messages to the synchronization log that appears in the Deleted Items folder, but the messages are often obscure and don't point to a particular solution. Table 1 lists some of the most common codes and remedies that Microsoft Knowledge Base articles suggest.

For additional synchronization error codes, see the Microsoft article "XCLN: Synchronization Codes for Offline Storage Folders" (http://support.microsoft.com/ support/kb/articles/ q185/1/36.asp). Notice that, in many cases, the recommended solution to an offline folders problem is to create a new .ost file. Try running the scanpst.exe utility first, because recreating an .ost file can take a lot of effort, especially if the user has a large .ost file or synchronizes across a slow dial-up link. Use Start, Find to locate scanpst.exe.

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