Outlook--Setting up two Inboxes in Outlook 2002

At the Microsoft Office XP launch event, I saw that Outlook 2002 could display separate Inboxes for different mail accounts. How do I set up my system to do that?

One of Outlook 2002's big new features is its ability to integrate all kinds of mail accounts, a departure from the days of separate Internet Mail Only and Corporate/Workgroup modes that wouldn't let you mix IMAP and Exchange Server accounts.

If the different accounts support IMAP (e.g., mailboxes on a different Exchange server), you can just add them to your mail profile with the Tools, E-mail Accounts command. Each IMAP account will have an Inbox folder in your Outlook folder list.

If you prefer to download all your mail into your Exchange mailbox and sort it into different folders, you can use the Rules Wizard and a set of rules that use the through the specified account condition to sort the mail into a different folder for each account.

Note that by default, Outlook 2002 sends a reply by the account that received the original message. However, you can use the Accounts drop-down list to change the account before you send the message.

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