OneNote for iPhone also gets Apple Watch enhancements

OneNote for iPhone also gets Apple Watch enhancements

Cloud First, Mobile First…Wrist First?

Yes, it seems Microsoft is very quickly updating their apps for iPhone to add capabilities that offer users the ability to interact with those services using the Apple Watch.

Yesterday Rod told you about an update for the OneDrive app on iPhone that added the ability to look at your photos stored in the Microsoft cloud storage service directly on the Apple Watch.

Now we see an update for the iPhone OneNote app on iTunes that was released earlier today and adds support for OneNote interactions on the Apple Watch.

The update, version 2.11.7, added the following two features for interacting with OneNote through the Apple Watch:

- Access recent notes

- Dictate new notes

Interesting to see how quickly Microsoft continues to embrace the cross platform effort and bring capabilities to Apple Watch for their services and products.

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