One Band v2 December Update Feature Missing in Action

One Band v2 December Update Feature Missing in Action

The Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health app update history page has now been refreshed to show the December update that delivered just yesterday. New announced features include on-screen music control, activity reminders, and exercise categories, but additionally at least one non-announced enhancement has shown up, the “Happy Goal Tiles.”

There’s also some reported bugs in the update, unfortunately.

However, it looks like either Microsoft forgot to include one of the features or maybe it didn’t make the cut for this update and somebody didn’t tell the docs folks. On the update history page, there’s a bulleted feature called “The ability to share customer guided workouts via email.”

Since my Band v2 delivered in late October, I’ve been working a lot with the new “Build a workout” feature. I even wrote recently about how to use the custom creator to produce circuit and interval training workouts. The only thing missing was the ability to share your creations. I’ve mentioned this a number of times. Well, it seems Microsoft is listening and is planning to provide the functionality – someday. When I saw the updated history page I immediately started searching for the feature and it’s absolutely nowhere to be found. Or, its possible that this feature will be available in the Health Dashboard. Based on one of the reported bugs (custom exercise categories not showing up), the Dashboard needs an update and that hasn't happened yet. Maybe the company can provide it when it delivers a fix for the reported bugs.

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