NWCONVE.EXE is not migrating your users and groups.

A. A. The Netware migration tool (nwconve.exe) does not support the NetWare Directory Services (NDS) service type of logon on Windows NT 4.0, and therefore you will need bindery emulation configured on the NetWare server for the migration to successfully migrate.

To configure bindery emulation perform the following on the NetWare Server

  1. Load Servman on the NetWare Server Console
  2. Select "Server Parameters" from the menu options
  3. Select "Directory Services" from the menu
  4. Scroll down to the "Bindery Emulation" section. If there is no SET statement to the right of the entry then bindery emulation has not been enabled.

To set it perform the following (still on the NetWare Server)

  1. Using Servman get back to "Bindery Emulation" (the same menus as above) and press ENTER
  2. A text entry box will appear where you should type in the command in the format of
    where <OU> is the Organisational Unit of the users are from and <O> is the name of the Organization (TREE) where the OU resides

You should then log off and back on to the NT Server. Rerunning NWCONVE.EXE should then run.

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