NTFS Partition-Deletion Problems

I'm trying to use the Fdisk command to delete a pair of NTFS partitions. However, when I try to delete the partitions, I receive a prompt to delete the logical disks. When I try to delete the logical disks, I receive a message that no logical disks exist. How do I delete these disk partitions?

Your problem is a result of having multiple logical disks on an extended partition. Fdisk doesn't perform well in this situation, but an old (circa 1997) application called delpart.exe might offer a solution. (You can easily find delpart.exe on the Internet.) I keep this tool, which works with NTFS partitions in Windows 2000 and Windows NT, as part of my "fix or destroy" toolkit. Boot to a 3.5" DOS disk and run delpart.exe, which detects the logical disks and lets you delete all partitions.

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