NT Gatekeeper: Viewing a Remote SAM Database

What's the easiest way to view the contents of the Windows NT 4.0 SAM database on a remote machine? Do I need remote control software, or does NT 4.0 include a built-in feature that can help me?

You don't need remote control software; NT 4.0 User Manager includes a feature that lets you connect to the NT 4.0 security database of another domain or another machine. To connect to another SAM, choose Select Domain from the User menu to open the Select Domain dialog box, which Figure 2 shows. In this dialog box, you can select a domain or type the name of a machine that isn't a domain controller (DC). If you type a name, make sure that you precede it with two backslashes.

Select the Low Speed Connection check box if you want to connect to a remote SAM over a connection with relatively low bandwidth (e.g., a RAS connection). If you select this option, User Manager won't display the list of users and groups stored in the remote SAM. You'll need to use the options under User Manager's User menu to manage remote users and groups. In addition, you won't be able to manage remote global groups.

TAGS: Security
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