Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 Preview

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 Preview

Wireless charging with style

The second generation version of the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is a big improvement over the original, with a bigger surface area, a thin and light new form factor, and cool lighting effects. Best of all, it comes in Nokia's 2014 colors, green and orange, and white.

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Here's what's happening with the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903:

Wireless charging. Like previous Nokia-branded wireless charging devices (see below), the DT-903 lets you more easily charge a compatible mobile device, including many Lumia smart phones.

Qi compatible. The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard.

More stylish and functional. The DT-903 is much more attractive than previous wireless chargers and features a larger surface that makes it easier to start the phone charging. With previous devices, it was sometimes possible to misalign the phone, preventing it from charging correctly.

Colors. It comes in green, orange or white.

Lighting effects. The DT-903 issues a colored light—matched the color of the device—when you place a device on it for charging.

Smart functionality. Working in tandem with Windows Phone 8.1.1, the DT-903 can emit light in even smarter ways. It can pulse when it detects that your Lumia needs a charge, for example. And it can blink when you receive a notification.

Availability: October 2014

Pricing: $59.99 in the United States

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