Nokia Beamer

Nokia Windows Phone Screen Capture

Q: How can I capture the screen output from my Nokia Windows Phone?

A: Nokia has an application in the Windows Phone Store called Nokia Beamer that lets you send the contents of your screen to the Nokia Beamer website. The phone must be running the Lumia Black build to be supported (although I've seen the application works on other builds as well).

To use the Nokia Beamer application, follow these steps:

  1. Install the application on your phone and launch it.
  2. Navigate to the Nokia Beamer website.
  3. Select the Share nearby option and point the phone to the code.
  4. Whenever you shake the phone, the current phone content will be sent to the web browser on your machine. You can launch other applications and just shake to send the current screen.
  5. To stop sharing, select the Nokia Beamer application and click Stop beaming.
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