Nokia Press Event: Hands-On with the New Lumias

Nokia Press Event: Hands-On with the New Lumias

Just a bit more, really

Yesterday afternoon, Nokia held a "More" event for the press, giving us the opportunity to go hands-on with the Lumia 930, 630 and 635, plus some additional new accessories. Here are some shots and notes from the event.

Lumia 930

I wrote about the 930 yesterday, but here are some of my own photos of the device, which is quite attactive in green or orange.

Here's the Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center in, um, action...

Lumia 630

This is the dual-SIM handset.

Lumia 635

I'm pretty sure we'll be getting this one in the US, most likely on AT&T.

Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520 is getting the new orange and green colors but is otherwise unchanged.

Fatboy wireless charging pillow

Also in the new colors.

Nokia Treasure Tag

A weird little NFC accessory.

MD-15 speaker

And of course, my hero, Stephen Elop...

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