Nokia Lumia 900 Software Updates Coming to AT&T

When Nokia revealed its plans for upgrading its various Lumia handsets to Windows Phone 7.5 “Tango,” there was one major gap: Its flagship phone, the Lumia 900 running on AT&T’s LTE network, was unaccounted for. But now AT&T is saying that its version of the Lumia 900 will be getting Tango after all.

Tango is officially called the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

“Lumia users will begin to see software updates for Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh in the coming weeks, which will add several new capabilities to their devices including flip-to-silence,” AT&T’s Steve Conn writes in a post to the AT&T Consumer Blog. “In addition, new features - including Camera Extras and DLNA streaming [the “Play To” app] have just gone live in the Marketplace.  A usage tracking counter and a new contact sharing feature are also coming in the near future. Nokia also announced that the hit Zynga titles Words with Friends and Draw Something will be coming to Windows Phone this fall - and exclusive to Lumia owners for the first 60 days.”

AT&T also revealed that it will begin selling the long-awaited magenta version of the Lumia 900 on July 15, bolstering the existing cyan, white, and black versions of the popular handset. (For some reason, AT&T calls it “pink,” but it’s a nicer, deeper color than that.)

Here it is.


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