NewSoft Unveils Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0

NewSoft announced Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0, a video- and data-burning software suite. The latest version supports the industry’s latest 16x DVD drives, in addition to new double-layer DVD recording. Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0 also integrates the latest Intel IPP 4 technology for a nearly 30 percent improvement in MPEG-2 decoding speeds, advanced deinterlacing quality, and automatic DVD drive detection for optimal recording speeds.

Adding support for the industry’s most recent introduction of double-layer DVD recording technology, Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0 lets you burn up to 8.5GB of data, up to 4 hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or more than 2000 songs on one compatible DVD+R dual-layer disc. The functionality afforded through the integration of Intel’s new IPP 4 technology expands PowerSuite’s support for audio and video codecs, including MPEG-1 and MPEG-2, results in optimized encoding and decoding speeds that are up to 30 percent faster than previous-generation PowerSuite solutions. PowerSuite 2.0 also automatically detects installed DIVX and other MPEG-4 codecs that follow Microsoft’s DirectShow mechanism. In addition, Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0 can automatically detect the DVD drive being used and adjusts accordingly to the parameters that are most compatible with drives’ firmware for optimal recording speeds. Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0 also implements an Internet music title and artist name tracking and retrieval feature that automatically displays the album title, song title, and artist information in real time while you listen through PowerSuite 2.0 on the PC. This feature lets you create play lists with ease: Just drag and drop music files from files to immediately record.

A powerful video-editing tool, PowerSuite 2.0 features direct-to-disc video capture, step-by-step video editing, and real-time encoding. In addition to offering high-quality video editing, PowerSuite users can also compile a music CD, create a photo CD/DVD, or burn data to a CD or DVD for an inexpensive data sharing/file backup solution.

Compatible with Windows XP/2000/Me/98SE OSs, Presto! DVD PowerSuite 2.0 costs $69.95. For more information, contact NewSoft Technology at the company Web site.

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