NEWS: iTunes on Phones

Apple iTunes Music Store customers will soon be able to transfer their music to certain cell phones, thanks to a new deal between Apple and Motorola. The companies announced that a new iTunes Music Player will appear on next-generation Motorola phones early next year that will allow song transfers from the iTunes jukebox. The transfer will require either a USB or Bluetooth connection between a PC and the cell phone. The deal helps expand the iTunes Music Store's reach. The only portable device iTunes users can currently use is Apple's popular iPod music player. Apple's move to embrace other devices is seen as a way for the company to thwart rivals who are trying to unseat its standing as the most dominant online music store. Sadly, iTunes music still won't play on the more than 300 portable music devices out there today. But hey, it's good to know Apple is all about choice. As long as you choose Apple or its own ordained partner

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