New Storage Management Definition Released

   The Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) has released the final version of the Common Information Model (CIM) Schema Version 2, Release 8. The schema provides a common, standards-based definition of management information and is a key part of the Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA's) Storage Management Interface Specification (SMI-S). CIM 2.8 adds new classes for storage and adds modeling support for Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). "With new modeling for widespread standards such as J2EE and SMI-S, as well as additional capabilities in telecommunications, management profiles and other areas, CIM 2.8 will enable a new level of interoperable manageability for the \[management\] industry," said Oracle's Todd Guay, vice president of technology for the DMTF.
   New and improved storage-related features in CIM 2.8 include support for management of replicas of storage objects, LUN mapping and masking controls, better modeling of SCSI, zoning configuration and control, and startup and shutdown of devices and services. The specification also provides support for mapping from the CIM database model to the storage level. In the past 2 years, storage vendors have spent much effort on standards-based management interoperability. CIM 2.8 will let storage management vendors easily design standards-based products. "The industry standard for management information, DMTF's CIM 2.8 delivers the unparalleled management infrastructure critical to the success of SMI-S, the standard for interoperable storage management," said Roger Reich, chair of SNIA's SMI committee.

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