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New Products from Dot Hill, Sans Digital, Siemon, and Scalable Networks

Dot Hill Offers Disaster Recovery for Small Businesses
Dot Hill Systems expanded its channel program with the introduction of AssuredSAN disk-to-disk data protection appliances. The Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 Series features a suite of disaster recovery applications, including Dot Hill’s new AssuredRemote remote replication software. With volume copy, snapshot, and remote replication, this solution makes affordable, comprehensive disaster recovery solutions available to small and medium-sized businesses. The Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 Series is available through Dot Hill channel partners. List prices are expected to start at $20,200 for a dual controller Fibre Channel system with 500GB SATA drives. To learn more, visit Dot Hill's website.


Sans Digital Offers Potential 224TB Storage NAS
Sans Digital has announced updates to its EliteNAS EN208L+BXE, EN212L+BXE, and EN316L+BXE storage devices. The updated models support both SAS and SATA hard drives and can be expanded by connecting up to seven units together. With 16 bays per device and 7 devices, this provides the potential to link 112 hard drives, totaling 224TB if you assume 2TB of storage per hard drive. The EliteNAS series also supports NAS for data sharing and iSCSI for virtualization applications. Optional 10Gb Ethernet network interface controllers are available. The EliteNAS EN316L+BXE (which offers 16 bays) costs $5,450. To learn more, visit Sans Digital's website.


Siemon Announces Security Features for Z-MAX Cabling Outlets
Siemon has announced a few security enhancements for its Z-MAX network cabling outlets. First, the connectors are now available with an optional spring-loaded hinged door, which protects the outlet’s internal components and connector mating surfaces from exposure to environmental contaminants such as dust.  Also, using Z-TOOL, Z-MAX door-equipped outlets can be terminated in 60 seconds or less from start to finish, including cable preparation. Siemon’s Z-MAX line includes category 6A/class EA systems in both shielded and unshielded configurations as well as category 6/class E UTP.  The full Z-MAX 6A channel consists of Z-MAX 6A outlets and patch panels, Siemon category 6A cable and  patent pending Z-MAX 6A patch cords that feature a precisely tuned printed circuit board (PCB) within every plug for enhanced signal performance. To learn more, visit Siemon's website.


Advanced Emulation for Cyber Security Capability Development
Scalable Network Technologies announced the introduction of EXata/cyber, a new software tool designed to support and accelerate development of cyber security capability for communication networks. EXata/cyber provides a robust emulation platform that can expose vulnerabilities that threaten communication networks while letting you safely test and develop countermeasures. EXata/cyber makes it possible to vet networks through creation of a "software virtual network" (SVN). SVNs are exact digital replicas of physical networks in virtual space—indistinguishable from a real network. EXata/cyber comes in two parts: the main EXata emulation engine that creates a digital replica of the user's target network, and the Connection Manager that runs on their operational systems. To learn more, visit Scalable Networks' website.

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