New Nokia Lumia 2520 Ad Focuses on What the iPad Can't Do

New Nokia Lumia 2520 Ad Focuses on What the iPad Can't Do

Instead of focusing on the aspects and features of the recently released Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, Nokia has chosen to highlight the limitations of the latest iPad devices in a new ad. This is similar to an ad campaign that, frankly, didn't work for Microsoft. Microsoft has started to gain traction for their own devices because they have begun to highlight the valuable features of the Surface and how it can better integrate into real life. Either Nokia is taking a page from Microsoft's history, or, maybe Microsoft dumped their old marketing crew onto Nokia.

Whatever the case there's a couple interesting aspects to this latest ad that you might not think of, but, in my warped mind, have already noted.

First, the ad starts out in perfect unison with real life where someone whips out an iPad and everyone at the table starts fawning over it. I've had this happen to me several times where I'll be sitting, working away on my Surface Pro and someone with the latest iPad walks into the room and the entire group crowds around the tablet like it’s a newborn baby. And, yes, true to form, each person in the group asks to hold it. I'm just surprised the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' haven't literally turned to 'goo-goo's' and 'ga-ga's' yet.

The next strange piece of the ad is how the male is not concerned at all that the female strangely keeps showing up everywhere. She's cute, but he never once attempts to take the 'chance meetings' any further. Plus, their paths crossing so often and so many times might suggest something more, something creepy. In this day and age some might call it: stalking.

And lastly, is that the Travelocity Gnome with the voiceover?

Whatever the case, watch to gather your own conclusions…

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