New MKS Toolkit 8.0 Now Includes Secure Shell

MKS announced the release of MKS Toolkit 8.0, which includes a new secure shell service for connectivity to UNIX and Windows systems. The secure shell service enhances the secure capabilities of other tools in the toolkit, such as rsh/rshd, rcp, rexec/rexecd, rlogin, and Telnet.

"MKS Toolkit 8.0 is a direct response to customer needs," said Phil Deck, CEO of MKS. "Secure remote connectivity, scheduling, and scripting were recurring themes among long-term Toolkit users, who said they needed these features as part of one integrated product."

Other new features in MKS Toolkit 8.0 include a full-featured Telnet service; Xterm with VT102, VT220, and Tektronix 4014 terminal emulation; job schedulers; event logging to the Windows event log; TCL script language; GNU awk; and Perl 5.6. MKS Toolkit 8.0 for System Administrators is available for $359 and MKS Toolkit 8.0 for Developers costs $479. For more information, go to the company's Web site.

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