New & Improved, May 2006

Protect Against Web-Application Threats
Citrix Systems announced Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall Standard Edition, a new version of Citrix's Web application firewall solution that targets small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). NetScaler Application Firewall is a plug-and-play appliance that protects Web applications against application-layer attacks. NetScaler Application Firewall delivers out-of-the box protection and lets you create security policies for any application. Pricing for Citrix NetScaler Application Firewall Standard Edition starts at $20,000., 954-267-3000, 800-424-8749

Restore Failed Server and Workstation Images to Dissimilar Hardware
UltraBac Software released UltraBac Disaster Recovery (UBDR) Gold 3.0, a backup and disaster-recovery solution that lets you restore a failed server or workstation image on multiple devices and controllers, including SCSI, RAID, IDE, Serial ATA (SATA), and PCI and EISA buses. UBDR Gold provides dissimilar-hardware restore capabilities through physical-to-physical restores, letting you restore your server or workstation image to a machine with a different Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) and processor. UBDR also supports virtual-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical, and physical-to-virtual restores. Pricing for UBDR Gold starts at $995 per server., 425-644-6000

Create Customized Solutions for Managing Windows and AD, 512-330-0542, 877-902-5425
Visual Click Software released DSRAZOR for Windows, a Windows and Active Directory (AD) security assessment and management solution. DSRAZOR is Visual Click's first product for the Windows platform. Visual Click previously served the Novell market but discovered a need for DSRAZOR in the Windows realm. Jonathan Gallagher, senior marketing analyst for Visual Click, says, "After reviewing our sales analysis, we saw the majority of our customers moving from the Novell market to the Windows market. Our customers asked for DSRAZOR for Windows and so we gave them what they wanted."

DSRAZOR features a Designer tool that comes with more than 70 applets that perform various Windows-and AD-management tasks. With DSRAZOR, you can identify your AD objects and attributes and generate discretionary ACL (DACL) trustee reports. You can also generate reports for Windows file system objects such as domain controllers (DCs), servers, and user workstations. "Each applet in the Designer can be customized to suit your needs" says Ken Aldrich, sales engineer for Visual Click. "The Designer gives you the building blocks for making your own applets, requiring no scripting or programming." Ken adds, "if there is an applet that you want altered or created to perform a certain duty, you can call or email us and we'll take care of it for you. We also provide online Web-training sessions so you can learn the steps of how we create the applet."

DSRAZOR sets itself apart with great flexibility and service. Ryan Fox, product marketing manager for Visual Click, says, "Whether you buy our product or download a trial, we offer full support with free upgrades, free software training, and free customized solutions."

Automate the Shift to a Virtualized Environment
SWsoft announced Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1, a server-virtualization solution that includes a physical-to-virtual tool that lets you migrate from a dedicated physical server to a virtual server. The physical-to-virtual tool determines which resources your dedicated server and applications require, ensuring that your virtual server will deliver the same level of performance. Virtuozzo also supports Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Release 2 (R2) and Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) 2003. Pricing for Virtuozzo starts at $1000 per CPU., 703-815-5670

Capture Terabytes of Network Traffic
Network Instruments announced GigaStor 2T, the newest addition to Network Instruments' line of network-analysis appliances that you can now deploy for network connections outside your network's core. GigaStor 2T is a 2TB appliance that provides line-rate capture, write-to-disk, and stream-reconstruction capabilities. In addition, GigaStor 2T can support as many as eight ports at gigabit-wired speed. The appliance processes all the network data directly, eliminating data transfer across the network. Pricing for GigaStor 2T starts at $19,995 for a two-port configuration., 952-358-3800, 800-526-7919

Improve IT Management-Task Efficiency
KACE Networks announced KBOX IT Management Suite 2.1, an IT management solution that integrates a new Help Desk Module for ticket submission, remote-desktop control integration, and customizable reporting. KBOX IT Management Suite lets you manage automated installs for all patches in Microsoft Security Bulletins and supports Wake-on-LAN functionality so you can schedule your computers to power up for software patch updates. Other updated functionality includes additional security and configuration wizards and support for multiple remote-control packages. For pricing options, contact KACE Networks., 888-522-3638

Ensure that Your Log Files Are Secure
Quest Software announced InTrust 9.0, an event-log auditing solution that's part of Quest's Compliance Suite for Windows. InTrust includes secure agent-side event backup for tamperproof event log data. In addition, InTrust features automated server failover for uninterrupted collection and availability of secure log files. InTrust also includes an auditing pack for Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS). Pricing for InTrust 9.0 starts at $995 per server and $109 per workstation., 949-754-8000

Protect Your Crucial Data
EMC announced Retrospect 7.5 for Windows, backup and recovery software targeted at small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs). This release features user-initiated restores, automated deployment of client software, automated software updates, and offline backup verification. Retrospect also supports 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows Server 2003 Release 2 (R2) and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Pricing for Retrospect 7.5 for Windows starts at $399., 508-435-1000

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