New & Improved - 30 Jan 2008

Product Spotlight
Storage Hardware
External RAID Disk Storage
RAID hardware developer Infortrend has announced the EonStor B12S-R/ G1030 SAS-to-SAS and the B12F-R/G1430 FC-to-SAS arrays, the first products in a line of small form factor RAID systems. These RAID units utilize 2.5- inch drives, which are significantly smaller than traditional drives. Infortrend claims that the reduced size of the new systems translates into less power consumption and improved cooling, which leads to additional cost savings. “The new B12 SFF arrays have all the advantages of 3.5-inch SAS systems,” says Alex Young, technical and marketing director for Infortrend. “With our fifth generation ASIC400 and support for RAID5 and RAID6, storage managers will benefit from the advantages of a smaller form factor without compromising on data protection and reliability.” For more information, contact Infortrend at 408- 988-5088 or visit

Continuous Data Protection
Marathon Technologies has announced everRun CDP, a new continuous data protection product. Part of the everRun product family, everRun CDP provides continuous data protection by monitoring, capturing, and replicating network data in real-time, and across disparate parts of the IT infrastructure. Data can be recovered from any point by selecting a date and time that you would like to see the data restored to. EverRun CDP provides specific application support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint, and works with common network and storage environments. For more information, contact Marathon Technologies at 888-682-1142 or visit www.marathon

Easily Run Server Software in a Windows Environment
The new JumpBox virtual appliance allows IT pros to install server-based utilities and applications into self-contained virtual machines called JumpBoxes. Using a JumpBox, admins can install and begin using complex multi-user server software—such as Trac, Joomla!, and Redmine—much faster than using traditional installation methods. JumpBoxes are managed using a web-based interface, and JumpBoxes area available for dozens of server applications. An online testing area (called the proving grounds) allows users to test JumpBoxes before using them in their own environment. For more information, contact JumpBox at 480-967-5897 or visit

Send and Receive Faxes via Email and SMS
Aloaha Software has announced Aloaha FAX Suite, an enterprise fax server. The software can send and receive faxes and SMS messages via email, and works with any mail server (including Microsoft Exchange) that supports SMTP/POP3. The product also supports Active Directory and LDAP servers, and organizations without a mail server can use Aloaha FAX Suite’s fax server software. It also includes support for Citrix and terminal services, and runs on Windows Server 2008, Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP. For more information, contact Aloaha Software at 212-599-7400 or visit

Microsoft Exchange
Auditing and Email Management
GFI has released GFI MailArchiver 5, a softwarebased email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange Server. Focusing on the small-to-midsized business (SMB) market, GFI aims to provide a cost-effective solution with an easy-to-use interface. End users can access archived mail at any time through a Web browser and can restore items to their mailbox with the click of a button. The new version, which is compatible with Exchange 2007, introduces improved PST migration tools and administrator auditing functionality to help with compliance and guarantee that archived messages aren’t altered. For more information about GFI MailArchiver 5, contact GFI at 888-243-4329 or visit

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