New & Improved - 28 Mar 2007

Increase Password Functionality
Special Operations Software announced Specops Password Policy 2.0, a password policy system that can utilize your existing Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy infrastructure and increase password security within your organization. Specops Password Policy 2.0 maximizes the length requirement on passwords, automatically sends password expiration emails, and prohibits incremental passwords. Additional functionality includes 64-bit domain controller (DC) support and automation through Windows PowerShell or .NET. You can download a free trial of Specops Password Policy on Special Operations Software's Web site.
416-849-5325, 866-857-5325

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Vizioncore Streamlines VMware
Are you managing a VMware deployment and finding gaps in functionality, particularly in the areas of backup and recovery, management, and migration? Vizioncore is seeing the same problems over and over again in VMware deployments and has developed a strong, strategic partnership with VMware to fill those functionality gaps. We recently spoke with Chris Akerberg, vice president of global sales for Vizioncore, who told us how his company leverages the power of Linux to develop easy-to-use, intelligent software to enhance VMware and solve real-world problems.

Vizioncore developed four products that you can buy separately or bundled. The first, esxRanger Professional ($499 per CPU socket on the VMware host), provides VMware image backups with nightly differentials and file-level restores with seamless VMware consolidated backup (VCB) integration. The second, esxCharter ($299 per CPU socket on the VMware host), provides simple monitoring and management of the complete virtual environment, letting IT departments accurately and easily charge for resource utilization. The third, esxReplicator ($399 per virtual machine—VM), provides real-time replication of entire VMs, affording small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) high-availability options. The fourth product, esxMigrator ($1,000 for 25 VMs, $2,500 for 100 VMs, $7,500 for an unlimited enterprise license), fully automates and limits downtime of VMware migrations from ESX 2.x to VI3. You can buy the first three components bundled for significant savings.

Vizioncore is currently devoted to enhancing the VMware experience, but it's not turning a blind eye to other platforms. The company is watching the market closely.
847-589-222, 866-260-2483

Make Faxes Within SharePoint Portal Server Text-Searchable
FaxCore announced the FaxCore SharePoint Connector, which makes faxes text-searchable in Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server by enabling fax indexing through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). FaxCore SharePoint Connector can deliver faxes into designated SharePoint Document Libraries, then configure the Document Libraries to allow specific users to view, edit, download, or delete faxes from each folder. Each time a fax document is modified within SharePoint Portal Server, an audit trail is created so you can see who made the changes and track the changes., 720-870-2900

Deploy the Compatibility Pack for Office 2007
IS Decisions announced 15-day RemoteExec licenses (starting at $0.22 per target system) to allow organizations using Office XP/2003/2000 to rapidly deploy the Microsoft Compatibility Pack for Office 2007. RemoteExec can deploy the Compatibility Pack remotely without the use of agents or prior manual intervention on targeted systems and will log any systems on which the deployment failed. This log information can be used to generate a subsequent deployment pass. Additional functionality includes the ability to add, modify, and delete registry keys and to install patches, hotfixes, and service packs. For a full list of RemoteExec's functionality, or for additional support regarding the Microsoft Compatibility Pack for Office 2007, visit the IS Decisions Web site.

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Centralize Management of File and Security Settings
ScriptLogic announced Security Explorer 6.0, software that provides real-time management of access controls and security on Windows file servers and workstations across the enterprise. With this release, Security Explorer has incorporated the functionality of ScriptLogic Service Explorer, which provides centralized management of security controls and settings. Now you can use Security Explorer to manage services and tasks on multiple servers and desktops. Other enhancements include an updated interface and Windows Vista support. You can download a free 30-day trial version of Security Explorer from ScriptLogic's Web site.
561-886-2400, 800-813-6415

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Simplify Storage Management, High Availability, and Disaster Recovery
Symantec announced Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0 High Availability for Windows, software that combines Storage Foundation for Windows and Veritas Cluster Server to simplify storage management, high availability, and disaster recovery for mission-critical Windows applications. Storage Foundation for Windows includes advanced iSCSI SAN management capabilities, supports Storage Foundation Management Server, and adds application-performance enhancing capabilities. Veritas Cluster Server now includes Fire Drill, which lets you regularly test disaster recovery scenarios without endangering production applications. Also new to this release is Veritas Storage Foundation Basic for Windows, a free version of Storage Foundation for Windows that runs on physical and virtual servers and includes dynamic multipathing functionality., 408-517-8000

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Automate IT Operational Processes
Opalis Software announced updates to its run book automation software, Opalis Integration Server 5.3. The software now features more than 90 out-of-the-box workflow process templates that automate IT operation processes and provide visibility into incident, problem, configuration, change, and release processes. Twenty of the new policies target virtualization and security tasks. Opalis Integration Server also includes new integration packs that let you connect and interact with BMC Atrium, BMC Remedy, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Active Directory (AD), and VMware VirtualCenter 2. A new dashboard provides end-to-end visibility of IT process management, from administration to reporting., 905-624-1260

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Easily Carry Out AD and Windows Management Tasks
Visual Click Software announced numerous enhancements to its Windows and Active Directory (AD) security assessment and management tool, DSRAZOR for Windows. Included are more than 100 prebuilt applets that execute various Windows and AD management tasks, such as "accounts that are locked," "accounts where last logon failed," "view home directory sizes and contents," and "report on AD object ownership." Four of the new applets let you create a user using department-based templates with predefined, prepopulated fields, reset local administrator passwords, import Exchange Server contacts from comma-separated value (CSV) files, and delete Exchange mailboxes from CSV files. If you're looking for functionality for which there is no applet, Visual Click will work with you to create one.
512-330-0542, 877-902-5425

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