New Event Logs in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 4.

A. Service Pack 4 adds 4 new Event log messages to the System Event Log:

  • Event 6005 is logged at boot time noting that the Event Log service was started.
    The Event log service was started.
  • Event 6006 is logged at shut down time when the Event Log service is stopped
    The Event log service was stopped.
  • Event 6008 is logged as a dirty shutdown.
    The previous system shutdown at 07:51 on 15/02/99 was unexpected.
  • Event 6009 is logged during every boot and indicates the operating system version, build number, service pack level, and other pertinent information about the system.
    Microsoft (R) Windows NT (R) 4.0 1381 Service Pack 4 Uniprocessor Free.

These can all be viewed using the Event Viewer which is located in the Administrative Tools program folder.

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