New Coating System Contains Wireless Signals

EM-SEC Technologies announced the successful testing of its new liquid coating product designed to contain Wi-Fi signals. The EM-SEC Coating System also prevents leakage of signals from several other types of electronic devices.

"As \[intruders\] become more sophisticated in the methods they use to obtain information or inflict damage, this \[test\] confirmed EM-SEC Coating reduces the threat from electronic eavesdropping and blocks out electromagnetic interference for the protection of electronic data," said Robert Boyd, vice president and director of technology for EM-SEC.

The coating system, similar to a paint, was developed for use by government agencies and is now available to businesses. According to EM-SEC, a 6mm layer of EM-SEC Coating System can attenuate a 71.6dB 2GHz signal, which means that wireless-network signals won't leak beyond walls coated with the product.

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