The Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool.

The Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool is designed to help you identify and fix connection problems on a home network that connects to the Internet by using a cable modem or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) modem.

Most home networks share a single high-speed Internet connection via a stand-alone router, a home gateway, such as a cable modem together with a router, or a DSL modem together with router, or a computer that is running ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) or NAT (Network Address Translation).

The tool performs an IP configuration test, Default gateway test, Winsock test, DNS test, Firewall test, and Internet connectivity validation test.

To install the Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool:

1. Download Guided Help.

2. Using Windows Explorer, right-click the 326155.exe file that you downloaded and press Extract.

3. Extract all the files to a folder.

4. Double-click the windowsxp-kb914440-v6-x86-enu.exe extracted file and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Shutdown and restart Windows XP.

To run the Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool, use any of the following:

- Press Diagnose Connection Problems on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.

- Press Start / Run / %windir%\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe / OK.

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