NeoDigits Launches X-Line HD Network Media Players

NeoDigits has been an online supplier of early-adopter DVD players to the digital home-entertainment arena. Now, the company has launched its HELIOS X3000 and X5000 HD Network Media Players, which will give you much freedom to manage, access, and enjoy your multimedia anywhere in (and beyond) your home—in superior audio and high-definition video quality.

Digital media is everywhere but rarely connected and easily accessible—from digital cameras and camcorders to MP3 players, online content, and downloaded movies. The X-Line lets users bridge the digital gap from the PC to the living room, and even extend it to the basement or board room while maintaining extreme flexibility and high resolution.

With the company's NeoLink Server Software, you can manage and access the videos, music, and photos in your PC and play them on your TV. The X-Line’s built-in LAN, Wi-Fi, and USB ports let you easily connect and share digital audio, video, and images. Using the X-Line, you can connect your TV to any PC, as well as your laptops, digital cameras, hard drives, projectors, MP3 players, MP4 players, and more.

NeoLink can synchronize with Apple iTunes, Real Rhapsody, and Napster; supports Windows Media/WinAMP playlists; and performs real-time transcoding for Realplayer (RMVB) and 3GPP formats. NeoLink also lets you use your player’s GUI to directly access your RSS feeds and other favorite online media links from your Web browser’s bookmarks.

Upscaling to 1080p resolution, the X-Line lets you watch standard DVD titles, MP4, DivX, XviD, DVD VOB, XviD HD, DivX HD, HD TS, and WMV HD in high definition. For further details about the HELIOS X-Line HD Network Media Players, please visit the company Web site.

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