For my Windows Deployment Services implementation, I have unknown clients that must be approved. Where do I approve them?

A. You can configure non-preprovisioned machines (computer accounts created in AD with the machines’ MAC address/GUID) to require approval. When a computer that isn’t preprovisioned boots, the computer waits in the WDS Boot Program until the computer is approved. You can approve computers that are pending approval by creating an account in AD matching the computers’ GUID/MAC. You can also do so through the Pending Devices branch in the MMC Windows Deployment Services snap-in, which provides a name for the pending device.

You can also use the Wdsutil command to view pending devices from the command line. For example,

wdsutil /get-autoadddevices /devicetype:pendingdevices

This command returns the following:

Request ID: 8
MAC address: 000000000000000000000003FF7BD411
UUID/GUID: C8F945657061D547B81A7C75D899F316
Architecture: x86
Referral server:
Boot program:
WDS client unattend file:
Boot image:
User: Domain Admins
Join rights: Full
Join domain: Yes

Total 1 device(s) returned.

The command completed successfully.

To approve, use the /Approve-AutoAddDevices option with a /RequestId:(number) or just approve all with /RequestId:ALL.

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