Multiple Vulnerabilities in Cooolsoft PowerFTP 2.10

Reported February 13, 2002, by SNS Research.


  • Cooolsoft PowerFTP Server 2.10 for Windows



Several vulnerabilities exist in Cooolsoft’s PowerFTP 2.10 for Windows. The first vulnerability lets an attacker traverse the user directory by either a direct-path request (such as DIR C:\) or double-dot notation (such as DIR \..\*.*) and permits access to any file on the system. A second vulnerability results from the way the system stores all account information unencrypted in the ftpserver.ini file. Access to this file through the directory traversal vulnerability gives an intruder elevated privileges on the system. A third vulnerability involves a Denial of Service (DoS) attack condition created when the server receives a string of 2050 or more bytes.




The vendor, Cooolsoft, has been notified but hasn't issued a patch.


Discovered by SNS Research.

TAGS: Security
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