Movement on the Strava/Microsoft Health Issue

Movement on the Strava/Microsoft Health Issue

It’s been over a year that complaints first started rolling in that when the data from Microsoft Health is synched with Strava, the information is recalculated and shown as inaccurate.

Blame has been lobbed both ways. Some have blamed Strava for errors in their calculations. Others (including Strava) have blamed Microsoft for producing bad data. Whatever the case, the interesting piece is that Strava is the only Microsoft Health integration that does this. The other integrations are able to sort through Microsoft’s supplied data file just fine and produce accurate results.

However, after a long, drawn out discussion on the Strava forums that has gone on for what seems like forever, there may be actual movement on the stalled issue.

Elle Anderson, a Strava spokesperson, said this …

Hello folks - This is not a bug with Strava. We are actively discussing with the Microsoft Band folks to clarify the issue and do what we can to help with a fix. We've heard from them that a new round of distance data fixes will be posted in early August.

Strava has been quick to blame Microsoft throughout while Microsoft has been silent. Recent changes to the Microsoft Health dashboard that resulted in missing features that were quietly restored show that Microsoft is working on something. We can assume it’s due to an imminent announcement of a Band 3, but now it appears is also to help deliver better data. At this point, who cares whose fault it is. Just fix the issue.

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