Move and size a picture - 30 Oct 2007

When you select a picture by clicking it, you will see small dots on the corners and on each side of the picture called handles.

a picture selected

You can use standard Windows skills to manage the position and size of the picture.

To move a picture, do one of the following

  • Cut (or copy) and paste the picture to another location in the presentation, or in another presentation.
  • Drag the picture to a new location.

Resize the picture by dragging one of the picture's handles.

resize a picture by dragging its handles

  • Position the mouse pointer over a handle.

    The mouse pointer turns into a double-headed arrow.

  • Drag towards the center of the picture to make the picture smaller.


    Drag away from the center of the picture to make the picture larger.

  • Drag a corner handle to maintain the aspect ratio (proportions) of the picture.

    Drag a handle on one of the sides of the picture and you can size the picture horizontally or vertically without maintaining the picture's aspect ratio.

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