Most Innovative Product - 14 Sep 2004

In a landslide victory, Windows IT Pro readers chose Vircom's ModusGate as the Most Innovative Product of 2004. ModusGate features Vircom's Modus3 third-generation antispam engine, which provides an out-of-the-box spam catch rate of 98.2 percent and 99.99 percent reliability against false positives.

Many traditional antispam solutions take a statistical and predictive approach to fighting spam, which works at guessing what is and isn't spam but can produce many false positives when used exclusively. ModusGate includes not only a statistical and predictive approach to combating spam but also takes a deterministic approach. Methods such as checksum, keyword filtering, and Sieve scripting let users create additional building blocks to customize their antispam solution. In addition, Modus3 technology employs multiple layers of technology to avoid false positives. The multilayer approach incorporates spam blocking, protecting users against false positives, maintaining scanning performance over time, and optimizing system efficiency.

ModusGate blocks spam before a message reaches the mail server or gateway. When an email message reaches your network, the solution strips down the message to two components: purified text content and advanced email metrics. The solution detects any hidden code or HTML manipulation designed to fool antispam filters, adds information about the code or HTML to the email metrics, and eliminates the code. Subsequent layers of the solution then examine the message's metrics and make decisions about further routing and whether the message is spam.

Regarding how Vircom's technology stacks up against the competition, Michael Gaudette, ModusGate product manager, said, "A lot of companies are using single-technology spam solutions, which don't deliver the level of performance required. The levels of spam are now so high that a single-technology solution can't really lock down on spam well enough that a company can rely on only that solution."

ModusGate is available as software to support an email server. You can also purchase a ModusGate appliance, which has Modus3 antispam technology loaded on a Dell server. Vircom is also developing a hosted antispam service. Pricing is dependent upon whether you want to bundle an antivirus solution with the package. Vircom can bundle McAfee and Norman Data Defense Systems antivirus solutions with ModusGate. Pricing with an antivirus package for 50 users starts at $1500.

2nd Place — Everest
3rd Place — Policy Maker Professional
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