Mosaic Software Enhances Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Mosaic Software, an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) software provider, announced that clients using its Postilion credit card processing software will soon be able to route transactions through Retail Decisions, a fraud prevention services company. Mosaic clients will be able to use Retail Decisions' ebitGuard fraud analysis services for transactions when a user can't provide a physical credit card for review, such as for purchases over the Internet.

"With the growth of payment card use, e-commerce, and card-not-present transactions, the business of combating payment card fraud has never been more important," said Johann Dreyer, executive chairman of Mosaic Software. "Our relationship with Retail Decisions reaffirms our commitment to providing every Mosaic Software Postilion client access to the most effective tools possible."

Retail Decisions' ebitGuard service helps analyze a buyer's chargeback and unusual spending patterns to identify higher-risk transactions. The service also screens credit cards against a database of known fraudulent cards, dispute-prone shoppers, and lost and stolen cards, and compares information to phone numbers and IP addresses to help retailers decide whether to accept a transaction.

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