More Tips for Dual-Booting Win2K and NT 4.0

Thanks to everyone who wrote in response to my article last week about dual-booting between Windows 2000 Professional (Win2K Pro) and Windows NT 4.0. It's clear that a fair number of people are doing much the same thing, and several readers had suggestions that might be useful to other users.

Bjarne Andersen sent a tip that might be a lifesaver for someone: If you run into boot problems with Win2K (perhaps after installing another OS, as I wrote about last week), boot from the Win2K installation CD-ROM and try the Recovery Console option. One command available from the console is FIXBOOT, and it can repair unbootable partitions. Thanks to Andersen for passing along that tip.

Several readers pointed out that if you use a dual-boot desktop in a Win2K Server or NT Server domain, you'll require two different domain names--one when booted from Win2K and the other when booted from NT. Otherwise, the second install will overwrite the first, and you'll be able to boot only from the second OS.

David Garnett wrote that he's been running a triple-boot system (Win2K, NT, and Windows 98) for some time now. He uses PowerQuest's Partition Magic to switch active partitions. It works for him! Finally, Kevin Franks of Winternals wrote to say that his company offers a product bundle called Dual Boot Tools that enables any Microsoft OS to access FAT, FAT32, or NTFS partitions.

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