More SharePoint Freebies Someone You Might Know Might Want

Throw a line out into cyberspace and you end up catching more than free fish. I snagged three SharePoint solution providers offering three more free tools to help you keep an eye on that deep, dark pond teeming with content. Whoops! Watch out—you almost fell in.

Discovery Tool. Takes inventory of your MOSS 2007 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 environments and displays the discovered results in an HTML report—Quest Discovery Wizard for SharePoint

Monitoring Tool. SharePoint performance monitor enables monitoring of critical performance counters for SharePoint and sends email alerts when issues arise—Idera SharePoint performance monitor

Restore Tool. SQL Restore Controller offers item-level, site-level, and site collection-level restores from active SQL Server databases and from SQL Server backups—AvePoint DocAve SQL Restore Controller

There’s always one or two that get away, but I’m sure someone will let me know where to drop my line next. This is purely catch and release, however—I’ve never fried one over the fire.

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