Modify a color scheme

To modify a color scheme or create a new color scheme:

  1. Turn on the Slide Design - Color Schemes task pane.
  2. Click the Edit Color Schemes link at the bottom of the task pane.
  3. Click the Custom tab.
  4. Customize colors by selecting a color and clicking Change Color.
  5. Click Apply to apply the color scheme to the currently selected master or slide.
    When you click Apply or Add as Standard Scheme, the modified scheme becomes available as a standard scheme.

Each time you modify and apply a color scheme, it is automatically added as a new standard color schemes. A presentation can have up to 16 color schemes. These facts lead to several recommendations:

  • When you reach the limit of 16 schemes, any changes you make to a color scheme are applied to the current slide, but the modified scheme is not added as a standard scheme. Nor, interestingly, is the 'old' color scheme replaced with the modified color scheme. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to apply your modified scheme to other slides. Since the new, modified scheme is not available as a standard scheme you have to modify (from scratch) the color scheme of the other slides, or use the Format Painter. Therefore, it is a best practice to limit yourself to 16 schemes which should be more than enough for a presentation.
  • If you are experimenting with color schemes, you can quickly reach the limit of 16 because each time you modify and apply a scheme it is added as a standard scheme. Keep an eye on your schemes and delete schemes that are not going to be used in the presentation.
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