Microsoft's Surface Membership Program Puts New Devices on a Payment Plan

Microsoft's Surface Membership Program Puts New Devices on a Payment Plan

Microsoft continues to make a lot of moves to get businesses shifting from their current operating systems and migrating to Windows 10.

A few days ago I told you about the companies Ready for Windows 10 portal that helps companies identify if their critical software is already compatible with the new operating system.

Now they want to give you and your company the opportunity to experience Windows 10 on some of their latest hardware including the high end Surface Book and Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Membership program is available for businesses to not only gain access to the latest Surface devices from Microsoft but it also includes in-store and on premise support seven days a week plus individualized training. You will also receive discounts on future purchases and get the Microsoft Complete for Business Extended Service Plan with Accidental Damage Protection.

Since Surface Membership is a financed installment plan for these purchases it allows you to spread your cost over periods of 18, 24 and 30 months.

For a quick comparison to purchase five Surface Books (i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, non-GPU) off a retail shelf it would cost you $7,495 plus tax.  That can be a very significant outlay for a small to medium size business.

Under the Surface Membership program those same devices would cost a business $544.95 per month for an 18 month payback period with a total financed cost of $9,809. For 24 months it would be a total finance cost of $10,799 and for 30 months $11,999. The financing cost does not include taxes and fees.

So while this program looks very appealing, like any installment plan does for a big purchase, it is something to take a serious look at before you jump into it so that you understand all aspects of it including the amorticized costs.

For some small to medium business the monthly payment may offset the increased financing costs and be justified and for others it may not be. One benefit, the accident coverage, means that if the device is accidentally damaged it should get replaced at no cost to you so that should be a consideration as well.

Ultimately, any financial decision you make as a business must be evaluated for the pros and cons which should then allow you to make an informed decisions about under taken the debt aspect of this or choosing to purchase your devices outright.

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