Microsoft's Approach to Modern Device Management

Microsoft's Approach to Modern Device Management

We learned a couple of weeks ago that the upcoming Creators Update, the third major Feature Update for Windows 10 which is expected in Spring 2017, is not just a consumer focused offering but will continue Microsoft's investments in security and systems management.

in fact, these improvements continue Microsoft's investment in making Windows 10 the most secure version of Windows in the companies history. Each release of Windows 10, starting with the initial release in July 2015 to the Anniversary Update released in August 2016, have each continued to build in more IT Pro and System Admin related features.

System management is a very important element for organizations and enterprises because it allows companies to implement security and data policies to protect their important business and customer data. These days that is critically important as we hear each day about another data breach or loss of important company data.

Windows 10 has introduced an entirely new framework for systems management and recently the Microsoft Mechanics team published a video overview of those tools. In this video, embedded below, you will see demos a BYOD scenario where an employee brings in their new retail device which then has appropriate policies put in place.

For additional resources, be sure to check out Modern Management for Windows 10.

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