Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Announced; Available for Pre-Order

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Announced; Available for Pre-Order

Microsoft may be producing fewer smartphones these days but they are still a hardware company that builds very good accessories for its ecosystem and they have been doing this for many years.

They have also shown us that they can iterate and improve on first generation products and today they have announced version 2 of their Wireless Display Adapter (WDA) a follow to its 16 month old predecessor.

The changes in WDA v2 are not earth shattering but should improve the overall experience with the adapter from both a physical aspect and its performance.

As you will see in this image, the device is now more balanced on each end between the HDMI and USB sides. This should allow it to be plugged in more easily than when all the bulk was on the HDMI side in v1.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2

Under the hood improvements have been made to reduce latency between your broadcasting device and the adapter as well. One other bonus with v2 is the price tag which is just $49.95 compared to the $59.95 cost of the first generation WDA.

It remains Wi-Fi Certified for Miracast and Intel's Wireless Display, Wi-Di, technology and is USB powered with an effective range of about 23 feet from adapter to device for mirroring or extending your screen.

It can be pre-ordered from the Microsoft Store now and will also be available on Best Buy and Amazon.

It will be available and arrive on retail shelves beginning on 01 March 2016.

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