Microsoft unveils initial Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles for Xbox One

Microsoft unveils initial Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles for Xbox One

On the 12th of November Microsoft will release the New Xbox One Experience for all of its Xbox One consoles.

This new update for the companies gaming and entertainment console is based on Windows 10 and will provide a very large bump to the their overall goal of reaching 1 billion devices with the new OS over the next 2-3 years.

The console update has been in preview for several weeks now and adds major performance improvements and quick access to things like your games, apps and favorite TV channels.

Another feature that has been available for those in the preview is backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. This enhancement will allow Xbox One gamers to play titles from their Xbox 360 library.

In order to achieve this highly requested feature Microsoft built an entire Xbox 360 emulator in software virtualization to run these titles. The bonus is that these Xbox 360 games can still access features on the Xbox One console such as Record that to catch video of gaming action and you can snap other activities next to the game running in Xbox 360 emulation. Since you are running in the full Xbox 360 environment you have access to the Xbox 360 console dashboard, your cloud saves, friends, multi-player and achievements that you earn or have earned on those games.

Initially there will be 104 Xbox 360 titles that will be available beginning on Thursday that support Backwards Compatibility and the entire list is available at

Titles that you have purchased digitally from this list in the past will appear in your pending installs on the Xbox One and, if you have any Xbox 360 discs, just put those into the Xbox One and if the title is in the Backwards Compatibility library you will be prompted to download the digital version of the game for you.

One last great bonus for those of you who are Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

All Xbox 360 games offered under the Games with Gold program beginning on 12 Nov will be Xbox One Backwards Compatible. That means you can now grow your library of Xbox 360 titles every month alongside of the free games offered for Xbox One.

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