Microsoft Surface Hub is TV for Business

Microsoft Surface Hub is TV for Business

Early rumors surrounding the Windows 10 ultimate reveal event this week suggested that Microsoft would deliver announcements about a new device. And, that happened in droves, though it wasn't the rumored hybrid phone/tablet/PC device that many assumed. Some also thought that the company might reveal the Surface Pro 4. But, instead, Microsoft took and even bigger step by announcing two devices, the Microsoft Surface Hub and the HoloLens. I'll deal with the HoloLens later in an upcoming article, but want to focus here on the Surface Hub.

During the event, Microsoft hid the Surface Hub in plain sight, using it to display content and graphics for the big show. It wasn't until the company made the reveal that we realized what it was.

The Surface Hub is a massive display unit that comes chocked full of goodies. It comes in two different models based on 55-inch and 84-inch sizes, and has…

  • An embedded computer
  • A lightweight version of Windows 10
  • 100 simultaneous touch points
  • Intel Core CPUs
  • Ports: HDMI, USB
  • Wireless connectivity: Miracast, NFC, Bluetooth
  • Stereo speakers
  • A mic array
  • Two Microsoft Surface Hub Rechargeable (in the unit) Pens
  • Integrated cameras
  • Support for centralized Enterprise management (just like a real PC or device)
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, plus the OneNote whiteboard and Skype for Business
  • Direct support for Universal apps for Windows 10
  • Easy "reciprocal" touch sharing
  • One-touch meeting start
  • Available stands and mounts

The Microsoft Surface Hub is sure to come with a hefty price tag, considering it's targeted toward business and has a bevy of modern features. And, considering that Microsoft's Surface tablets have always been a bit pricey in this author's humble opinion, the retail price for the Surface Hub might cause sticker shock when announced. So, don't expect this to be your next Xbox One display. Of course, if you have the money to shell out for something like this for home use, please, invite me over.

Microsoft says that Surface Hub is coming this year sometime. At the bottom left of the official Microsoft Surface Hub web site is an email alert sign-up opportunity. Subscribing to the alert will notify you when it's available and also deliver news about the new hardware.

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