Microsoft’s Platform-less Direction Shows Up in Holiday Hardware

Microsoft’s Platform-less Direction Shows Up in Holiday Hardware

With the 2014 holidays fast approaching, Microsoft is prepping new consumer hardware releases as normal. But, this year, due to the company’s Mobile First mantra which Satya recently clarified as a non-Windows approach, will deliver new holiday hardware that brings support for popular platforms.

A new keyboard rolling out, the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard, supports iOS, Android, and Windows through special “OS” keyboard keys that allows the keyboarding device to pair and work with the non-Windows platforms. While this is a normal feature for other hardware vendors, like say, Logitech, this is a clear first where Microsoft has developed hardware to work specifically with other OS vendors’ hardware. The keyboard also integrates access to OS-specific keys unique to each OS like the Windows Control key, the iOS Command key, and the Android’s Home button.

Additionally, the new keyboard comes with a separate kickstand, bringing non-Surface tablets their own Surface-like kickstand. The devices comes with a rechargeable battery able to hold a charge for up to 6 months of use.

The keyboard will be generally available in October and is expected to come with a near $80 price tag.

Other new hardware releases this year:

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition

Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows

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